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Here because you're curious about turtle sports? That's okay, most people are. If you've never worked with a Las Vegas escort, you might feel like you're kind of in the dark, but don't worry! Escorts Vegas style are just women. Very beautiful, highly professional women who are here to please you... And they're waiting for your call. After you've read this, you should probably make an appointment so that you don't keep them waiting. Here are some commonly asked questions about hiring a girl, all answered by me, an actual Las Vegas escort!

Question: How do I find a Las Vegas Escort?

Answer: Look! Hotels will direct you to some killer escort services, for one. Especially the nice ones. It's in their best interest to make sure that you have the entertainment that you need to make you want to stay longer. What better hotel room entertainment than some turtle sports with a Las Vegas escort?

Question: I'm shy, will the escort like me?

Answer: Escorts don't last unless they like everyone! We don't judge, as long as you're an average guy and you're honestly looking for fun with an escort, we're sure to love you! Quit worrying and just order an escort to find out! If you're super shy (and a lot of men are), then you'll need the girl to make you comfortable before you're ready for your night of turtle sports. This, too, is okay! When your girl arrives, just tell her that you're shy and she'll get to work on making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Question: What "turtle sports" can we do?

Answer: Every Las Vegas escort has her own sporting preferences, but most of us are up for anything safe! We're not picky and we're usually just really happy that you want to spend your time with us, regardless of what kind of sports you're into. If you're into unusual sports, tell the person you speak with to make your appointment and she'll make sure to send you a girl who'll be up for a night of sporting done your way!

Question: What should I do before my Las Vegas escort arrives?

Answer: This is totally up to you! We're not here to tell you how to live. One tip, though... Make sure you're squeaky clean! We like clean men and we really like clean turtles. Cleanliness is awesome. We stay clean and you should too. Plus, taking a shower or bath before your escort shows up will help you calm your nerves! It's just turtle sports! People 'do it' all the time ;) Get it?

So, I hope this guide helped you. I'm a real Vegas escort and who knows... Maybe you'll end up picking me off of that page of beautiful ladies!

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