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Are you too shy to venture into Las Vegas strip clubs or ask Vegas strippers to come home with you? That's okay, you don't have to with our girls. Our girls understand that your turtle can be shy sometimes and that he just needs a bit of tender, loving care to poke his head out for the world to see.

The best part about ordering an appointment with Vegas strippers online is that you can read all about the girls your interested in and you only have to talk to them after you've chosen one! So, let's take care of that first part now, in the spirit of helping you and your big guy tackle the shy issue. Pop over to the website and open pages for five girls that your turtle seems to like. Pick his top three favorites and then come back here. I'll be waiting for you....

Done? Good.

Okay, so you see those three girls that you picked? Not only can you take them on out on the town, they're all totally good at helping shy turtles like your big guy. They know the soft, or sometimes rough, touches from a sensual massage on your body required to get him to venture into the world and get his head wet! Sit here for a moment and fantasize about how each girl would treat your special turtle and then decide which of them you'd like to spend the night with! First timers often do better with one girl, but you can spend the night with all three if you're feeling super lonely tonight!

Now that you're done fantasizing, let's continue.

Call the number on the page and make an appointment for a time when you'll be free. There. The hard part's over, see? Now, the waiting begins. Don't let your turtle freak out during this time. Give him a nice long shower or bath to get all relaxed and cleaned up for your Vegas strippers or stripper. Smelling and looking good is key! Of course, all turtles look different and none of the girls to you Las Vegas provides would judge, but cleanliness is always sexier. There's nothing sexier, in fact. It doesn't even matter what you look like!

So, you know you need to go get cleaned up, but what else? Well, consider if you'd like to wine and dine the lady before she goes to work on your turtle. If so, order some room service with something nice and tasty! If not, then make sure you've had something to eat and that you're not drunk. Drunk means that your turtle will be sloppy and you won't remember your night of fun! Either way, brush your teeth after you've eaten, then tell your girl what your turtle likes. She'll work her charm on him and he'll be out of his shell, playing all night long!

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