Venus wants you to come to bed

Are you interested in getting a Las Vegas in room massage? Maybe you've heard some NURU massage Vegas stories from your friends? You're ready to try it, aren't you? Well, let's look at a tale of NURU massage written by an actual Vegas escort!!

"So, I specialize in NURU massage, but a lot of clients don't even know what they're signing up for. They seem to think NURU is code for something, but it's an actual thing, I promise. It's this sexy massage where I get all oiled up with something we call NURU gel and then I strip you down. During the massage, I'll rub my oiled body all over yours until I've relieved all of your stress! Anyway, let's talk about my recent night with a first-timer.

"I got notified that I had an appointment with a guy at an okay hotel. He was supposed to be super excited to see me and I was told to 'take it easy on him' by the front desk lady. I slipped into a sexy little dress and headed off to his hotel room with my NURU massage kit in hand. I knocked on his door, he opened it, he stood there for 10 seconds stunned by my dress and then he finally recovered and invited me in. (I love it when my looks stun men!!)

"So, I told him how slow and steady wins the race with NURU massage and that he should get ready for a night of fun. I told him to get all of the clothing off so that I didn't make a mess of any of it and then I stripped down to my birthday suit. Instead of rubbing the NURU gel on me, I rubbed it all over him while he laid on the bed and we got to know each other. He was already excited by this point and I reminded him that I take things slow.

"First, I slid my body onto his, back and forth to get all of the gel on me, and then I started rubbing all over him. He was already super excited by this point. He said that he'd watched tons of videos and NURU massage tutorials online, and that I totally exceeded his expectations by the end of it!

"I'm not telling you this for any reason other than to make you and your turtle feel better about getting a NURU massage. Trust me, it's a fun, normal massage experience and it is the best way to enjoy your night in Vegas!


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